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EMG Probe

Universal stimulator probe delivers monopolar stimulation for intraoperative nerve monitoring in ENT and other surgical procedures.

Product Overview

Hummingbird, EMG probes, are single-use and deliver monopolar stimulation. IONM with evoked EMG assist surgeons in identifying and mapping nerves during surgery. EMG probes are available in a variety of designs to fit the surgeon’s preference.  The monopolar stimulator probe delivers reliable and repeatable evoked EMG during complex surgery. Hummingbird EMG probes can be used on the Nerveäna or any nerve monitoring system.

Ordering Information

Hummingbird EMG Probe

Universal, single-use, stimulator probe for intraoperative neuromonitoring
Item Code Product Description
I-D-TTP90-5 Hummingbird Single-Use Tapered Tip Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm
I-D-DNP90-5 Hummingbird Single-Use Direct Nerve Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm
I-D-BTP90-5 Hummingbird Single-Use Ball Tip Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm

*each kit includes STIM return needle and ground needle

Product Features

Universal Evoked EMG

Hummingbird EMG probes are available in three designs: Tapered Tip, Ball Tip, and Direct Nerve.

The single-use, EMG probes, deliver monopolar stimulation, are cost-effective and are compatible with the Nerveäna or any comparable nerve monitoring system.

Thin And Flexible Precision

Hummingbird TTP is ideal for delivering EMG stimulation to the facial nerve and corresponding branches in ENT procedures.

The thin, adjustable shaft and 0.5mm diameter tip is flexible for precise delivery of evoked EMG in very small surgical spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Hummingbird EMG probes are universal and can be used on any EMG intraoperative nerve integrity monitoring system. The EMG probes deliver monopolar stimulation, use a standard DIN (42802) connector for easy set-up.

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