Intraoperative nerve monitoring EMG Stimulation Standard Flush-Tip Probe

Hummingbird EMG Stimulation Probes

Hummingbird probes deliver monopolar stimulation for intraoperative nerve monitoring in ENT and other surgical procedures.

Product Overview

Hummingbird, single-use monopolar probes assist surgeons in identifying and mapping nerves during surgery. Available in a variety of designs to fit the surgeon's preference, they provide reliable EMG stimulation during surgery. Hummingbird probes can be used on the Nerveäna or any nerve monitoring system.

Ordering Information

Item Code Product Description*
I-D-TTP90-5Hummingbird Single-Use Tapered Tip Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm
I-D-DNP90-5Hummingbird Single-Use Direct Nerve Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm
I-D-BTP90-5Hummingbird Single-Use Ball Tip Monopolar Stimulation Probe, 90 mm

*each kit includes STIM return needle and ground needle

Product Features

Intraoperative nerve monitoring EMG Stimulation Standard Probe Flush tip, Taper Tip, Ball Tip

Universal Designs

Hummingbird EMG stimulation probes are available in three designs: Tapered Tip, Ball Tip, and Direct Nerve.

The single-use, monopolar probes are cost-effective and are compatible with the Nerveäna or any comparable nerve monitoring system.

Thin and Flexible Precision

Hummingbird TTP is ideal for delivering stimulation to the facial nerve and corresponding branches in ENT procedures.

The thin, adjustable shaft and 0.5mm diameter tip is flexible and delivers precise stimulation in very small surgical spaces.

Hummingbird tapered tip stimulation probe

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Hummingbird probes are universal and can be used on any EMG intraoperative nerve monitoring system. The monopolar probes use a standard DIN (42802) connector for easy set-up.

Hummingbird surgical kits include; a single-use monopolar probe (with built-in leadwire with DIN connector) and a single white stim return needle electrode. Hummingbird probes are available in a variety of styles to better suit the surgeon’s preference for a specific procedure. Surgical kits are universal in IOM EMG function and compatibility.

No, the single-use probes are individually packaged and sterilized with the leadwire attached. Each probe comes fully assembled and ready for immediate surgical use.

No, Hummingbird probes are FDA-approved single-use devices. According to the FDA, a single-use device also referred to as a disposable device, is intended for use on one patient during a single procedure.

No, every Hummingbird probe is individually packaged and sterilized. According to the FDA a single-use device, also referred to as a disposable device, is not intended to be reprocessed (i.e., cleaned and disinfected or sterilized). Do not use the probe if the original packaging is damaged.

Hummingbird probes are commonly used ENT procedures to identify the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) and the facial nerve (CN VII) but are often used in tumor resections, cranial nerve stimulation, and tissue mapping. Hummingbird is a monopolar IOM EMG probe with a 90 mm insulated shaft and is available in 3 tip designs. Hummingbird IOM EMG stimulation probes are highly versatile and can aid in identifying motor nerves at risk of injury during a surgical procedure.

Yes, the Tapered Tip Probe (TTP) is designed for precision and flexibility. The insulated shaft of TTP is engineered to pliable at the distal end, for improved positioning of the 0.5 mm tip.

The Flush Tip probe can be gently bent if needed but it should not be subjected to repeated flexing to avoid damaging the probe.

The Direct Nerve and Ball Tip probes are manufactured with a heavier gauge material and are not meant to be bent or flexed.

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