Nerveäna Plus

next-generation Nerve Monitoring

8-Channel EMG nerve monitoring system for a broad spectrum of surgical procedures.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products_NV Plus_ 8 channel EMG nerve monitoring system

Product Overview

Nerveäna+ EMG nerve monitoring assists surgeons in nerve preservation in a variety of surgeries.

+ Eight channels of EMG monitoring transform nerve activity into an audio and visual event.

+ EMGView8® visually expands nerve activity onscreen to support informed surgical decisions.

+ Nerve Power Index® (NPI) tracks EMG trends to analyze nerve function in real-time.

+ Automated setup, setup guides, presets,  and surgeon profiles create efficiency.

+ Intuitive technology integrates with the surgical plan seamlessly.

+ Improve surgical efficiency with a system dedicated to delivering relevant IONM information.

Ordering Information

Nerveäna® Nerve Locator and Monitor

Item CodeDescription
NV005.CNerveäna® Nerve Locating System with one-year warranty (includes STIM, EMG, and power cables)

Nerveäna® Warranties

Item CodeDescription
NRV-EXW1Nerveäna® Unit Extended One Year Warranty
NRV-EXW2Nerveäna® Unit Extended Two Year Warranty
NRV-EXW3Nerveäna® Unit Extended Three Year Warranty
NRV-EXW4Nerveäna® Unit Extended Four Year Warranty

Nerveäna® Support

Item CodeDescription
NV005-RNerveäna® Nerve Monitoring System Daily Rental
NV005-R30Nerveäna® Nerve Monitoring System Monthly Rental
NV005-TCHNerveäna® On-site Technical Support Fee
NRV-INSPECTIONNerveäna® Inspection/Diagnostic Testing
NRV-RU1Nerveäna® Unit Basic Service/Repair
NRV-RU2Nerveäna® Unit Basic Service/Repair Plus

Nerveäna® Accessories

Item CodeDescription
NRV-MUTING SENSORNerveäna® Muting Sensor with Fiber Optic Cable, 6 M
CMSFO6Fiber Optic Cable for Muting Sensor, 6 M
EMGVIEWEMGView® IOM Software for Nerveäna®
NRVPCNerveäna® PC with EMGView®
ST-TABLETNerveäna® 19" Tablet with EMGView® and Rolling Stand
SMBCReusable Nerveana Monopolar Stimulating Cable, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft
D-SMBCSingle Use Nerveana Monopolar Stimulating Cable, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft

Nerveäna® Replacement Parts

Item CodeDescription
CEMGB-6Nerveäna® EMG Cable, 6 M
CSTIB2-6Nerveäna® STIM Cable, 6 M
PSCSNerveäna® 12 Volt DC Power Supply Adapter, 6 Ft
PSCCBNerveäna® Power Cord, Medical Grade, 6 Ft
NVRM005Nerveäna® Digital Manual

Real-time Nerve Monitoring

The Nerveäna+ assists surgeons in the prevention of neuropraxia and surgical nerve injury in real-time. By integrating EMG monitoring with the surgical technique, NV+ can detect the nerve's proximity even before the nerve is visible.
Combined with EMGView8 software to visually expand alerts and nerve activity onscreen supports informed, surgical decisions throughout the procedure. The intuitive technology supplies meaningful information about nerve activity in real-time.

Neurovision Nerveana Plus nerve monitoring system. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products.

EMG Adds Value

Nerveäna + features patented EMG technology to deliver insights about nerve function to add clinical value during the surgery. EMG is the only method that provides constant, real-time feedback about neural activity during surgery, accurately detects and localizes motor and mixed nerves embedded within tumors, and reliably assesses the integrity of cranial nerve motor function¹. EMG activity is transformed into audio tones, visual details, and easy-to-read values delivered instantly on the NV+ touch screen display by EMGView8.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products_Nerveäna Plus Nerve Monitoring System - EMG View Neuromonitoring Software

1. Singh, Harminder et al. “Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring for Endoscopic Endonasal Approaches to the Skull Base: A Technical Guide.” Scientifica vol. 2016 (2016): 1751245. doi:10.1155/2016/1751245

Efficient, Flexible, Intuitive

NV+ features automatic impedance checks, preset procedures, customized physician profiles, store surgical configurations, preferences, and record and save monitoring reports with one click. As a result, the system helps save time and promote OR efficiency.
EMGView8 is easy to use, features a guided setup, and allows unlimited custom surgery preferences. Clinicians can access over 20 surgical procedures with an onscreen electrode setup guide and automatic IONM settings. Nerveäna+ integrates IONM into the surgical flow, instantly apply the surgeon’s preferred settings and fine-tune them even further during the procedure.
Standardized instruments and color-coded components create consistency in setup and inventory management. The system connects to a variety of OR technology to improve the surgical flow of complex procedures. The NV+ is slim and ergonomic to incorporate with the OR environment, team, and technology seamlessly.

Neurovision Nerveana Plus nerve monitoring system. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products

Transform Nerve Activity

EMGView8 is the innovative software developed by Neurovision Medical Products exclusively for the NV+. The powerful IOM tool transforms nerve activity into audio tones, visual details, and easy-to-read values that support informed surgical decisions.
EMGView8 automatically displays the active channels for a clear overview of all evoked and free-run EMG responses. Each channel delivers an EMG waveform, NPI values, impedances, and threshold alarms. The touch screen allows clinicians to toggle between the big picture and visually inspect a specific event or channel.
The interactive dashboard can enhance the surgeon's ability to assess real-time nerve activity, optimize a procedure and preserve the nerves at risk.

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