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Intraoperative Neuromonitoring EMG Electrodes, Mastodon, universal paired needle electrodes for facial nerve monitoring. 4-channel IOM EMG needle kit.


EMG Needle Electrodes

Facial Nerve Monitoring with Delicate Precision

Product Overview

Mastodon EMG Needle Electrodes are meticulously engineered to meet the delicate precision required for facial neuromonitoring during ENT and Head and Neck procedures.

The paired needle design unique to Mastodon electrodes significantly enhances the electromyography’s ability to identify and monitor the facial nerve (CN VII). Intraoperative neuromonitoring using EMG enables surgeons to identify, monitor, and preserve delicate motor nerves, thus influencing surgical decision-making during complex head and neck procedures.¹

Mastodon electrodes feature unique insulation designed to enhance EMG detection, ensuring accurate and reliable signal transmission. Interoperable with any nerve monitoring system, Mastodon needle electrodes deliver precise EMG signals derived from CN VII activity, facilitating optimal surgical outcomes and patient safety.

Ordering Information


Paired Needle Electrodes for CN VII Monitoring
Item Code Product Description
NPDC-5 EMG Electrodes, Paired Needles, Red & Blue, 13 mm, 2-Channel, CN VII IONM Kit
NPFC-5 EMG Electrodes, Paired Needles, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, 13 mm, 4-Channel CN VII IONM Kit

*each kit includes STIM return needle and ground needle

Product Features

Superior CN VII Detection

Mastodon EMG needles are designed to detect facial nerve (CN VII) activity with unparalleled sensitivity. Featuring parallel needles affixed at 2.5 mm intervals, Mastodon ensures the precise application of the electrodes to capture even the subtlest facial muscle contractions in real-time.

The insulated EMG needles effectively block external interference, guaranteeing accurate data collection. The blue insulation not only serves as a depth guide for precise placement but also minimizes noise during signal transmission. Additionally, twisted lead wires further enhance signal clarity, making Mastodon the top choice for surgeons requiring delicate and precise facial nerve monitoring.

Precision Engineering for EMG Reliability

Mastodon needle electrodes are meticulously engineered to deliver an optimal EMG performance in facial nerve monitoring. Their delicate yet robust design ensures accurate recording of free-run and evoked EMG signals, significantly reducing the risk of IONM interference when monitoring complex procedures.

Custom features such as insulated needles and twisted lead wires are incorporated to minimize noise and artifacts, to facilitate reliable signal transmission. Surgeons can rely on Mastodon for consistent monitoring, ultimately contributing to informed surgical decision that enhanced patient outcomes.

Comprehensive CN VII Monitoring

Mastodon needle electrodes offer universal compatibility for EMG facial nerve monitoring, seamlessly integrating with the Nerveäna Plus system or any nerve monitoring platform.

Available in both two-channel and four-channel configurations, NMP facial nerve monitoring kits cater to diverse head and neck and ENT surgical needs. The paired 13 mm needle electrodes precisely reach intramuscular locations, while their thin, 28-gauge design minimizes skin trauma and bleeding.

Color-coded with touch-proof DIN connectors, Mastodon needle electrodes adhere to industry standards for intraoperative neuromonitoring devices, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use for surgeons

1. Oh, Taemin, Daniel T. Nagasawa, Brendan M. Fong, Andy Trang, Quinton Gopen, Andrew T. Parsa, and Isaac Yang. ” Intraoperative neuromonitoring techniques in the surgical management of acoustic neuromas”. Neurosurgical Focus FOC 33.3 (2012): E6.

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