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Intraoperative Neuromonitoring EMG Electrodes, Mastodon, universal paired needle electrodes for facial nerve monitoring. 4-channel IOM EMG needle kit.


EMG Needle Electrodes

Delicate and Precise Facial Nerve Monitoring.

Product Overview

Mastodon EMG needle electrodes for intraoperative facial nerve monitoring (CN VII).

The paired needle electrodes enhance the use of electromyography to monitor the facial nerve. Intraoperative EMG helps preserve the facial nerve and influences the surgical plan during complex head and neck procedures.¹

Mastodon needle electrodes are universal and insulated to improve EMG detection of facial nerve activity on any nerve monitoring system.

Ordering Information

Mastodon EMG Needle Electrodes
Item Code Product Description
NPDC-5 EMG Needle Electrodes, Paired Red & Blue, 13 mm, 2-Channel Facial Nerve IONM Kit
NPFC-5 EMG Needle Electrodes, Paired Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, 13 mm, 4-Channel Facial Nerve IONM Kit

*each kit includes STIM return needle and ground needle

Product Features

Facial Nerve Monitoring

Mastodon EMG electrodes can detect and signal interactions with the facial nerve (CN VII). The unique design of the paired needle electrodes is sensitive to detecting contractions of the facial muscles and signals real-time nerve activity.

Insulated EMG needles shield nerve activity signals from outside noise, i.e., electrical artifacts. The blue insulation coating also guides the depth of placement. In addition, the electrode features twisted lead wires to help insulate and further protect from outside noise.

Mastodon is the optimal EMG electrode for FNM. Delicate and precise needles record EMG signals with custom design features to reduce poor data input. Electromyography provides several benefits that can reduce the risk of nerve injury during otologic procedures.¹

Universal Neuromonitoring

Mastodon EMG needle electrodes provide universal facial nerve monitoring compatible with the Nerveäna Plus or any nerve monitoring system.

NMP facial nerve monitoring kits (CN VII) are available in both two-channel and four-channel to accommodate head and neck and ENT surgical needs.

The paired 13 mm needle electrodes reach precise intramuscular locations and thin, 28-gauge needles to reduce skin trauma and bleeding.

Mastodon needle electrodes are color-coding with touch-proof DIN connectors, matching industry standards for intraoperative neuromonitoring devices.

1. Oh, Taemin, Daniel T. Nagasawa, Brendan M. Fong, Andy Trang, Quinton Gopen, Andrew T. Parsa, and Isaac Yang. ” Intraoperative neuromonitoring techniques in the surgical management of acoustic neuromas”. Neurosurgical Focus FOC 33.3 (2012): E6.

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