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Intraoperative neuromonitoring expands surgical opportunities to improve patient care.

Resources for Intraoperative neuromonitoring products that add clinical value to the surgical plan.

NMP Technology for Surgeons

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Technology. Assist The Surgical Plan. Enhance Patient Care.

NMP devices enable EMG monitoring of specific cranial nerves during complicated surgeries:
Neck Dissection, CN X, Vagus/RLN – Cobra,  DryTouch, Hummingbird, Scorpion
Submandibular Resection and Parotidectomy, CN VII Facial Nerve – Mastodon, DryTouch, Hummingbird TTP

NMP offers these unique EMG surgical devices to identify and assess the delicate craniofacial nerves at risk during ENT procedures:
Mastodon, EMG electrodes
Hummingbird TTP or DryTouch monopolar stimulation

Specific EMG devices monitor the condition of the facial and recurrent laryngeal nerves during certain surgeries to help reduce the risk of injury:
Thyroidectomy / Parathyroidectomy, CN X Vagus Nerve/RLN  – Cobra, Dragonfly, Scorpion, Hummingbird, DryTouch
Parotidectomy, CN VII Facial Nerve  – Scorpion, Hummingbird, DryTouch, Mastodon

Intraoperative monitoring can assist a maximal safe resection and reduce the risk of surgery-related nerve damage. Unique devices enable IOM during these complex procedures:
Skull Base Surgery, Acoustic Neuromas - Mastodon, Hummingbird, Drytouch

Craniotomies with Brain Mapping - Drytouch

Various Tumor Resections - Drytouch, Hummingbird

Tethered Cord - USE, Scorpion, Drytouch

Intraoperative monitoring in spine procedures uses EMG to deliver signals to guide pedicle screw placement, identify nerve location and warn of potential neuropraxia.
Cervical (anterior approach): Cobra, Dragonfly

Thoracic, Lumbar: Hummingbird BTP, DryTouch 

Tethered Cord, Sacral:  USE, BTP,  DryTouch