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EMG Electrodes

EMG electrodes for intraoperative neuromonitoring allow surgeons to record and assess individual nerve function in real time¹. Electromyography (EMG) provides critical information during surgical procedures to locate and monitor nerve integrity, thereby assisting surgeons in minimizing the risk of nerve damage. Safe and reliable EMG electrodes are essential for successful IONM, whether monitoring the recurrent laryngeal nerve, cranial nerves, spinal roots, or peripheral nerves.

Cobra 3

EMG Tube, Reliable RLN Neuromonitoring

Enhanced Design, Superior IONM Performance,
Universal Compatibility


EMG Endotracheal Tube Electrode

"Original" laryngeal electrode creates a universal EMG Tube. Apply to 2.5 -10 mm ETT.


EMG Needle Electrode

Delicate and Precise Facial Nerve Monitoring.


Urethral Electrode

EMG Foley Catheter. Safe and reliable surface electrode for monitoring of the external urinary sphincter.

Neurovision Medical Products' EMG Electrodes are designed to provide dependable and accurate neuromonitoring during complex surgical procedures. Surgeons rely on NMP nerve monitoring technology to enable them to make informed decisions during surgery for the best possible outcomes for their patients. Neurovision Medical Products is committed to providing EMG electrodes and IONM products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure patient safety and positive surgical outcomes.

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