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Our intraoperative neuromonitoring tools add value to your surgical procedures.

Put the advanced technology of our Proactive Nerve Location™ system at your finger tips.

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Innovative Surgical Products Since 1973

Founded in 1973 on the principles of surgery and electrical engineering, we continue to pioneer intraoperative nerve monitoring technologies.

Neurovision Medical Products develops and markets intraoperative monitoring technologies for the identification and preservation of motor nerves.

Our mission is to provide leading-edge neuromonitoring surgical tools that empower clinicians to improve patient outcomes.

Neurovision Medical Products is located in Ventura, California, USA.

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RLN Monitoring Electrodes
Cobra® & Dragonfly®

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RLN Monitoring Electrodes:

  • Atraumatic electrodes.
  • Safe, effective on any EMG platform.
  • Designed by physicians, patented technologies.
  • Monitoring technology integrated into standard ET tubes.
  • Optimized for precise placement and reliable nerve monitoring.
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Nerveäna Nerve Monitoring System:

  • EMGView: visualize nerve activity.
  • NPI®: quantitatively compare the ‘Power’ of evoked responses.
  • Proactive Nerve Location™ with advanced neuropraxia detection.
  • Preferred by Surgeons, IONM technicians, and clinical assistants globally.
  • Seamlessly integrates with robotic systems.
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Scorpion Stimulating Instruments:

  • Efficient combination of dissection and detection.
  • Your preferred surgical instrument is also your stimulator.
  • Cost effective solutions for both disposable and custom-built reusable.
  • Pair with the Nerveäna® for a unique, uninterrupted nerve identification.
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