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celebrate the dedication, expertise, and impact of Perioperative nurses


Nashville, Tenessee


March 9 - 12th, 2024

booth 1661 - Neurovision Medical Products 

Empowered Perioperative Nurses, Elevate Patient Safety

Neurovision Medical Products (NMP) is headed to Nashville to support and attend the 2024 Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). We look forward to participating in the excitement as attendees expand their skills with hands-on experience, seek new education opportunities, and celebrate peer achievements across diverse backgrounds and specialties. NMP is excited to connect with perioperative nurses around the ever-changing world of today's operating room routine and how the flow of surgical supplies and technology integrate with that environment.

NMP has found that our IONM neuromonitoring technology creates surgical solutions by honoring the interdisciplinary collaboration within the perioperative team. This collaboration often leads nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals to work together to ensure optimal patient care in the OR. Since our foundation, we have strived to provide essential nerve monitoring and further support patient safety in surgery without disrupting the established routine. NMP is excited to showcase our products and reputation for being an intuitive and positive addition to a surgical procedure.

Join NMP as we celebrate the community that MAKES ITS MARK through dedication, expertise, and impact in the specialized field of perioperative nursing.

Enhanced Surgical Care with Innovative Solutions

For 75 years (wow!), the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has been at the forefront of supporting and growing the indispensable role of perioperative nursing. AORN has remained steadfast in its commitment to advancing the field through a multifaceted approach encompassing best practices, evidence-based education, professional development opportunities, advocacy, and access to leading-edge resources. We are here to honor AORN and the RN community! Embedded within AORN's mission of excellence in perioperative care is a shared commitment to empowering surgical teams with cutting-edge solutions. NMP embodies this ethos, crafting surgeon-driven innovations and devices that integrate with the OR workflows.

By design, NMP nerve monitoring products empower perioperative nurses and surgeons by facilitating precision and efficiency in protecting motor nerves during surgery, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes. By including perioperative nurses in the decision-making and implementation of IONM technology and other surgical devices, we can enhance their ability to improve surgical outcomes and patient experiences. NMP feels that recognizing, celebrating, and supporting the crucial role of perioperative nursing is imperative. Modern healthcare is constantly evolving; perioperative nurses adapt quickly and manage new implementations of surgical technology to ensure surgical efficiency when new materials are added to procedures.

To say patient safety in surgery is at the forefront of a perioperative nurse's role is an understatement. Their entire role is to ensure the patient's safety, comfort, and well-being preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively for surgical procedures. Perioperative nurses collaborate closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care. 

Perioperative nurses also advocate for patients, advocating for their needs and ensuring they receive high-quality care throughout the surgical process. Their expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach make them indispensable in delivering successful surgical outcomes and promoting patient safety and satisfaction.

Patient Safety In Surgery (And Before And After)

Perioperative nursing is a priceless medical specialty. It is a unique role that provides 360 degrees of care for every person who undergoes surgery. NMP diligently works to understand each clinician's responsibilities and assess whether our surgical devices can support those efforts.

Our line of surgical wound protectors/wound retractors is the one device that can play a role in almost any procedure and enhance the RN surgical team's efforts to achieve the best possible outcomes. At AORN 2023, ViClean received such positive feedback that NMP is excited to share our expanded line of ViClean surgical wound protectors this year. This surgical accessory is specifically designed to address the challenge of reducing surgical site infections (SSIs), is easy to use, helps with retraction, and protects the incision site, essentially improving wound care during surgery. The device is ideal for all Perioperative nurses to maintain safe and efficient OR practices. NMP provides the tools they need to excel in their practice.

We introduced ViClean Wound Protector to perioperative nurses last year at the AORN 2023 and received a positive response on design, function, ease of use, and seamless integration into surgical procedures.

Among the line of NMP products, ViClean Wound Protector is a unique device engineered to compliment surgical efforts with 360 degrees of protection, visibility, and retraction. The ViClean Wound Protector features a unique Dual-Ring and Fixed-Height design, crafted to enhance visibility and access to the surgical site while safeguarding the incision and surrounding tissue from surgical site infections (SSIs). Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use, allowing for seamless integration into existing surgical protocols without disruption. Viclean represents NMPs' unwavering commitment to empowering perioperative nurses with innovative solutions prioritizing patient safety.

ViClean Wound Protector, Surgical Site Infection Prevention. ACOG 2023, AAES, AORN, AANS

Essential to Perioperative Nursing, Essentials to Patient Saftey In Surgery

AORN 2024 is an essential event for the perioperative nursing community. We at NMP are excited to connect with the perioperative nursing community in Nashville, TN, in person this year. We invite you to visit our booth to learn more about the ViClean Wound Protector and explore our range of surgical accessories. Our innovative products can elevate your surgical practice and contribute to the patient's safety in surgery, supporting improved patient outcomes. Take advantage of the opportunity to take your practice to the next level!

As we wrap up, we wanted to share these insightful words from 'The Importance of The Perioperative Nurse,' which encapsulates perioperative nurses' vital role in surgical care.

"As surgeons, we are sometimes unaware of all that goes on in order to make the surgical experience smooth for the patient and surgeon. Much of this rests in the hands of the perioperative nurse - individuals who not only work with precision but also have the ability to think on their feet, act on core scientific principles, adapt to ever-changing circumstances, and take the initiative to do what is necessary and right in each surgical situation." —Dr. Mathenge  

VICLEAN Wound Protector,Dual-Ring, Fixed Height Multiple Sizes


Wound Protector Dual-Ring, Fixed Height

NMP accessories, including the ViClean wound protector, not only complement intraoperative neuromonitoring technology but also assist in executing the surgical plan. The ViClean's 360° gentle retraction and fixed-height design ensure optimal tissue protection, reducing the risk of superficial SSIs across various procedures. Fixed-height wound protectors are associated with a significant reduction of superficial SSIs1, and the rate is growing in various surgical procedures.

To learn more about ViClean's unique dual ring, fixed-height design, fill out the form below to connect with an NMP product specialist in your area.

Are you ready to for the next step to enhance patient safety?

Take the Next Step in Advancing Surgical Site Infection Prevention with ViClean!

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  1. Mathenge, Ciku. “The importance of the perioperative nurse.” Community eye health vol. 33,110 (2020): 44-45.