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Dallas, Texas


April 20 - 22nd, 2024

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An Enduring commitment
to empower adavances in surgery

AAES 2024! AAES 2024?

We couldn’t believe it either—this year marks the 20th anniversary since Neurovision Medical Products was first welcomed to the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES) annual meeting. We hope you'll be joining us at the annual meeting to celebrate this milestone occasion in the heart of Dallas, Texas—not to mention the home of UT Southwestern Medical Center, another valued influence within the surgical community.

This year, we are honored to celebrate the dedicated surgeons of AAES, who were some of the earliest adopters of the Dragonfly® laryngeal electrode and the original Nerveäna® Nerve Monitoring System. Their confidence and motivation to embrace efficient and intuitive intraoperative nerve monitoring (IONM) during thyroid surgery have laid the foundation for modern nerve monitoring and continued innovation year after year.

These visionary surgeons believed in our mission and our technology that focused solely on the importance of nerve monitoring, ushering in the IONM advancements we rely on today.

Their desire for safe and reliable EMG electrodes fueled our pursuit to deliver 'off-the-shelf' surgical solutions for nerve identification and RLN preservation, reducing the risk of nerve injury and enhancing surgical outcomes worldwide.

Our long-standing partnership with AAES, cultivated over two decades, has been invaluable. This relationship began at our inaugural meeting in 2004 and has since flourished into a collaborative journey. Through this close collaboration with AAES and the endocrine surgeon community, we've gained profound insights into the daily challenges and complexities these dedicated professionals face. Armed with this knowledge, NMP continues to develop and refine innovative tools and technologies designed by surgeons for surgeons, empowering surgical decision-making and techniques at the highest level while minimizing patient risks.

We are humbled by the confidence these AAES surgeons have instilled in NMP and proud of our role as supportive partners to their innovative community.

-Neurovision Medical Products

UT Southwestern Medical the Hometown host of AAES 2024 

We hope you'll continue on with us as we share about our journey with AAES and another dynamic relationship we share with UT Southwestern Medical Center in our joint pursuit of continued advancements in endocrine surgery.

A 20-year reflection on the relentless, surgeon-driven effort to advance surgical capabilities in collaboration with their peers truly leads to improved patient outcomes. Since the early 2010s, NMP has supported the Endocrine Surgery Program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The cohesive collaboration has allowed the most reliable IONM technology to provide an additional surgical solution as this team of surgeons enhances the surgical capabilities for various endocrine disorders.

Endocrine Surgery Team of UT Southwestern
Endocrine Surgery Team of UT Southwestern

At UT Southwestern, endocrine surgeons are at the forefront of delivering specialized care for disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and neuroendocrine pancreas. With a team of four fellowship-trained endocrine surgeons, UT Southwestern asserts a wealth of expertise drawn from across the nation. This multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive care to patients, utilizing the latest advancements in surgical techniques and technology.
During our ten-year relationship, NMP has had the privilege of observing the UT Southwestern Endocrine Surgery Program in their efforts to advance surgical opportunities and how the advances in IONM contribute to those pursuits. Together we share the mutual goal of advancing patient care, which forms a unique collaboration between surgical technique and surgical technology.

Nerveäna Plus The Next Era Nerve Monitoring
for the next era of endocrine-ovation

At NMP, we align with the AAES and the surgeons of UT Southwestern unwavering dedication to prioritizing the well-being of patients above all else. This shared commitment is not merely a mantra but a core-value that permeates every aspect of our work. Last year, we unveiled the Nerveäna Plus (NV+), our heavily anticipated new nerve monitoring system and FIRST multi-channel system from NMP. Featuring eight channels of continuous nerve monitoring with electromyography (EMG), optimized by two patented technologies exclusive to Nerveäna systems: EMGView® nerve monitoring software and Nerve Power Index (NPI)®, which automatically tracks EMG trends and quantifies the strength of nerve activity throughout the procedure.

The NV+ is a direct result of the valuable relationships and honest conversations we have had with the surgeons who use our devices in the OR, and that shapes our ability to enhance our IONM technologies to suit the surgical team's needs better. We recognize that healthcare's goal is to ensure the best patient outcomes, and this understanding motivates us to push the boundaries of innovative IONM technology in endocrine surgery. We are excited to bring back the NV+ to AAES 2024 for another opportunity to showcase our new system in person!

Neurovision Medical Products views our relationships with doctors and societies as a partnership.

For 20 years, the surgeons of AAES have given us priceless feedback, suggestions, OR stories, and critiques from the surgeons.

We covet this information to improve our technology and to support the surgical outcomes that are best for the patients.

Through ongoing collaboration, research, and innovation, NMP remains dedicated to supporting endocrine surgeons in providing the highest quality of care to patients with endocrine disorders while advancing the field of endocrine surgery for generations to come.

Join us in Dallas, and don’t miss this opportunity to see the NV+ in person, a system created in your surgical vision!

Nerveäna plus nerve monitoring system

Nerveäna Plus

The Next Generation Is Here

Explore our NEW multi-channel nerve monitoring system. Five decades of research and development in advancing EMG technology for motor nerve preservation is revolutionizing intraoperative neuromonitoring, again! The Nerveäna Plus sets a new standard in IONM, empowering surgical decisions for exceptional outcomes.

Discover how the NEW multi-channel nerve monitoring system offers surgeons unparalleled IONM precision with real-time EMG insights.

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