Universal Neuromonitoring Surgical Devices

Overcoming Compatibility Challenges

Selecting Neuromonitoring Surgical Devices To Promote Universal Solutions

June 1, 2021

Universal Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Challenges in Selecting neuromonitoring surgical devices:

Overcoming Perceptions and Promoting Universal Compatibility

The current market for intraoperative neuromonitoring, nerve monitoring, etc. is abundant, with various companies creating neuromonitoring surgical devices. With a vast market of nerve monitoring systems, platforms, and accessories, surgeons and hospital administrators face many challenges in evaluating and selecting the best solution for their clinical environment. One of the biggest challenges is the perception that a neuromonitoring system is only compatible with their brand of IONM surgical accessories. This lingering perception leaves clinicians and hospital administrators feeling limited in selecting accessories or a new system that suits their needs.

However, there is a widespread usage of IONM accessories that demonstrates the opposite. The compatibility between IONM monitoring devices and a separate company’s surgical accessories is common practice and does not affect the technology’s performance. Neurovision Medical Products has been creating IONM devices and serving the medical community for over 35 years. Neurovision Medical Products creates surgical solutions that are designed with clinicians and universal compatibility in mind. This approach promotes that healthcare facilities are not limited to a single vendor. Unfortunately, this mindset frequently hampers the adoption of innovation, limits access to superior healthcare, and can be costly to the hospital. NMPs surgical devices are used in various procedures, paired with the company’s nerve monitoring system, Nerveäna, or other commercial nerve monitoring systems.

Universal Compatibility in Neuromonitoring Devices:

Clinical Use Case of Neurovision Medical Products' IONM Solutions

Mike Demarco, CNIM, is an IONM clinician with over 34 years of experience working in Intraoperative Monitoring and Neurodiagnostics. With over 6,000 procedures in his neuromonitoring career, Mr. Demarco has practiced at some of the most distinguished medical centers in the country. He has extensive experience with multiple IONM systems including, Cadwell Cascade, Medtronic NIM 2.0, and NIM Spine over the time of his career. As a highly experienced neurophysiologist, Mr. Demarco found Neurovision Medical Products IONM devices, EMG electrodes, and nerve monitoring system is comparable to competitors in functionality and compatibility.

While using neuromonitoring devices from Neurovision Medical Products, Mr. Demarco reported that:

  • Intubation with Cobra EMG endotracheal tube was optimal, the sizing matched standard ET tubes
  • Connectors were universal (color-coded DIN 42802), making them easy to use and preventing confusion
  • Cobra’s built-in EMG electrode features worked efficiently with various IONM platforms alerting the clinician of neural feedback that may indicate neuropraxia, nerve fatigue/injury
  • Mr. Demarco did not need to change or adjust his routine, protocols, or settings on the IONM platforms to use a Dragonfly EMG electrode (attachable EMG ET tube electrode), or Cobra EMG tube.

Mr. Demarco’s experiences demonstrate the compatibility of Neurovision Medical Products devices and their universal application with any nerve integrity monitoring system. Continue to read more about Mr. Demarco’s experience and interoperability in the IONM community, Device Interoperability within the IONM Market