Robotic Thyroid Surgery In The US

June 11, 2020

Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) of the RLN. Bilateral Axlio-Breast ApproachRobotic Thyroidectomy BABA Mount Sinai Dr Suh

Mount Sinai Is The First To Preform A BABA, Robotic Thyroid Surgery To Remove Cancer From The Neck

Department Of Surgery, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai, New York, USA 06 Dec. 2017

Dr. Hyunsuk Suh led a team of surgeons at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in performing the first robotic neck dissection using the Bilateral Axlio-Breast Approach (BABA). Dr. Suh brought the “hidden scar” technique to Mount Sinai after completing a fellowship in robotic endocrine surgery at Seoul National University.

The BABA technique is minimally invasive with four keyhole incisions: one in each areola and one in each armpit. The keyholes provide  access to the surgical instruments that assist Dr. Suh in preserving the critical structures while removing the diseased lymph nodes. In addition, the procedure places the surrounding nerves at risk of neuropraxia or damage. Dr. Suh prioritizes the use of intraoperative neuromonitoring(IOM) to reduce this risk. The Nerveäna nerve monitoring system and IOM accessories confirm and assess the recurrent laryngeal nerve health. This integration with the robot allows Dr. Suh to move forward more confidently with his surgical plan. As a result, the tumor is removed with a lower risk of complications, reducing scarring, and faster recovery.

Dr. Suh is a leading expert in robotic thyroid surgery. He has performed over 500 minimally invasive thyroid surgeries. In 2020 Dr. Suh opened The Suh Scarless Thyroid Surgery Center alongside the Clayman Thyroid Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida.

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