December 5, 2022

Mayo Clinic Education

4th Annual Update in Complex Neuroscience Patient Care


Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona US 


December 14 to 17, 2022  

neurosurgery cme 2022

Case-Based Educational Experience 

"The Art of Neurosurgery"  

Neurovision Medical Products is excited to be attending the,
4th Annual Mayo Clinic Update “The Art of Neurosurgery” -A Case-Based Educational Experience.
The Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development is offering a unique learning experience for neurological specialists, taking a multi-disciplinary approach to solving patient clinical neurologic problems. This end-of-the-year course will highlight Mayo Clinic’s current breakthrough research and educate a variety of specialized surgeons in applying it to their current programs and treatments for patients.

Leaders in Neurologic Education

Mayo Clinic neurology and neurologic surgery

The fourth annual educational experience will take place in beautiful Sedona Arizona. The continuing medical education (CME) will be led by Course Director - Bernard R. Bendok, M.D., a renowned surgeon who specializes in the Mayo Clinics Brain Tumor and Spine care programs. Through Mayo Clinic neurology and neurologic surgery CME, cutting-edge information is presented on engaging and diverse neurology and neurologic surgery continuing medical education. NMP is proud to be supporting this specialized course in furthering patient care with the most modern technology and new surgical techniques. This course provides neuroscience care team members with the latest advances and innovations in complex brain, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders.

team-based approach

Clinical Innovation And Whole-Person Care

Mayo Clinic designed the multi-disciplinary course to allow the leaders in Neuroscience to share case-based clinical advances with the community of physicians practicing in neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, medical oncology, and primary care, as well as advanced practice providers and other healthcare providers in the Neurosciences. All sessions take place in an interactive environment, following the Mayo Clinic's team-based approach.   

The cased-base session also offers clinicians hands-on opportunities to advance techniques, increase abilities, and extend their resources in patient care. In addition, the interactive experience allows the immediate application to individual practice and system improvement.  

Clinical Assessment neurology and neurologic surgery

Interactive Sessions

case-based topics

  • Quality and safety in neuroscience patient care
  • Spine oncology
  • Multidisciplinary management of degenerative spinal diseases
  • Familial neurovascular diseases
  • Innovations in the treatment of neurovascular diseases and epilepsy surgery
  • Acoustic neuromas, pituitary adenomas and gliomas


Available credit

23.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™

23.25 AAPA Category 1

23.25 ANCC

23.25 Attendance

Mayo Clinic Faculty

4th Annual Mayo Clinic Update in Complex Neuroscience Patient Care

Course Director
Bernard R. Bendok, M.D.

Associate Directors
Ramiro Del Valle, M.D.
Chandan Krishna, M.D.
Jamal McClendon, Jr., M.D.
Maciej M. Mrugala, M.D.
Alyx B. Porter, M.D.
Joseph I. Sirven, M.D.
Alejandro Zavala, M.D.
Richard S. Zimmerman, M.D.

Special Guest Faculty
Hunt Batjer, M.D.
Department of Neurological Surgery
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Ramiro Del Valle, M.D.
Médica Sur
Mexico City, Mexico

Breck A. Jones, M.D.
Southern Illinois University

Jaime Lopez, M.D.
Stanford University

Alejandro Zavala, M.D.
Médica Sur
Mexico City, Mexico

Mayo Clinic Faculty
Abhijith Bathini, M.D.
Jhon E. Bocanegra Becerra, M.D.
Patrick B. Bolton, M.D.
Amy Z. Crepeau, M.D.
Kara L. Curley, P.A.-C
Nicholas L. Deep, M.D.
Marie A. Di Nome, M.D.
Cornelia N. Drees, M.D.
Joseph B. Farnsworth, P.A.-C
Teodoro Forcht-Dagi, M.D., DMedSC, DCH, FRCSEd
Stephen P. Graepel
Sanjeet S. Grewal, M.D.
Leland S. Hu, M.D.
Miles A. Hudson, M.D.
Maziyar A. Kalani, M.D.
Aditi Kumar, M.B.B.S
Devyani Lal, M.D.
Salvatore C. Lettieri, M.D.
Michael J. Marino, M.D.
Jamal Jr. McClendon, M.D.

Mayo Clinic Faculty (cont.)
Jenna H. Meyer, M.D.
Maciej M. Mrugala, M.D., Ph.D.
Iryna M. Muzyka, M.D.
Devi P. Patra, M.B.B.S
Naresh Patel, M.D.
Alyx B. Porter, M.D.
Tanya J. Rath, M.D.
Edward M. Reece, M.D., M.S.
David S. Sabsevitz, Ph.D.
Kara A. Sands, M.D.
Sathish Prabu (Sathish) Sathyamangalam Samiappan, M.B.B.S., M.Ch.
Ayan Sen, M.D.
Kristin R. Swanson, Ph.D.
Ali Turkmani, M.D.
Vanesa K. Vanderhye, M.S.N., CCRN-K, SCRN
Sujay Vora, M.D.
Geoffrey C. Waite, Au.D., C.C.C.-A
Peter A. Weisskopf, M.D.
Qazi Zeeshan, M.D.
Richard S. Zimmerman, M.D.

Advanced Practice Providers Hands-On Workshop Faculty
Heather Chung, FNP
Kara L. Curley, P.A.-C.
Joseph B. Farnsworth, P.A.-C.
Maziyar A. Kalani, M.D.
Krishna Chandan, M.D.
Nora Schaefer, R.N., CNRN
Abagail Taylor, PA-C
Chris T. Tran, A.P.R.N., D.N.P., A.G.A.C.N.P.-BC
JoDee A. Winter, P.A.-C., M.S.P.A.S.


"Mentorship plays an integral role in neurosurgical education. The first iteration of the Mayo Clinic Mentorship Model was first established by Dr. Alfred Adson and the Mayo brothers in 1919."
-A mentorship model for neurosurgical training: the Mayo Clinic experience. R. Singh, et. al.

"The fundamental reason for this type of IONM is to assess for changes in nervous system function that may indicate impending nervous system injury but to do so at a stage prior to permanent injury."
-Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Chapter 18 - Monitoring surgery around the cranial nerves, Jaime R. López, Alan D. Legatt

AANS Neurosurgeons leaders in neurosurgery

intraoperative neuromonitoring
in Neurosurgery

DryTouch Monopolar Frazier Suction Probe
The unique design integrates continuous subcortical motor mapping with gentle, controlled suction.  A clear surgical field enables real-time cortical and subcortical nerve identification that enables surgeons to achieve maximal tumor resection.