EventsACOG 2023 Join Neurovision Medical Products featuring ViClean

ACOG 2023,
Join Neurovision Medical Products featuring ViClean

Introducing ViClean, A NEW Era in Wound Protection and Surgical Site Infection Prevention


Baltimore, Maryland


May 19-21, 2023

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Neurovision Medical Products and Haize Medical

Neurovision Medical Products At acog 2023

The Mission to Improve Women's Health with Surgical Solutions

Neurovision Medical Products is thrilled to participate in the upcoming American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) 2023 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. As a leading organization dedicated to the health and well-being of individuals needing gynecologic and obstetric care, ACOG plays a vital role in educating and supporting Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We are proud to join forces with ACOG to provide our expertise and innovative solutions that contribute to improved patient outcomes in a hospital setting.

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For Surgical Site Infection Prevention In OBGYN Procedures

Discover the Exceptional Versatility of ViClean Wound Protector 

Neurovision Medical Products, in collaboration with Haize Medical, is thrilled to unveil ViClean wound protectors, including the WPB and WPA models, at the ACOG 2023 annual scientific meeting and conference. ViClean stands for a new era of wound protection, offering "complete" coverage that significantly reduces contamination of the abdominal cavity, wound surface, and incision. Haize Medical's enhanced design in wound protection provides the utmost safeguard in Obstetrician and Gynecological procedures. With three different dual-ring models, the wound protectors ensure steady, atraumatic self-retraction during operations while delivering 360° shielding to the incision.

With growing evidence supporting their effectiveness, dual-ring designs provide the most comprehensive protection in Obstetrician and Gynecological procedures.¹ ViClean's range of design options, including the WPC, WPA, and WPB models, caters to surgeries of various scales, from minimally invasive to extensive abdominal procedures. No matter the surgical complexity, ViClean has the right fit.


Enhancing OBGYN Surgical Outcomes and Reducing Risks

ViClean wound protector, by Haize Medical, is cleared by the FDA for various surgical procedures, including colorectal, breast, gynecologic, thyroid, vascular, and hepatobiliary surgery. The WPB and WPA models are particularly beneficial during gynecological surgery, especially cesarean section. Both models adjust in height for a tight wrap of the incision, and dual rings provide 360° of atraumatic retraction. Still, WPB features an integrated surface drape and waste collection bag that prevents backflow and collects fluids. These features also make ViClean easy to remove and further protect the incision, surgeons, and the OR environment from contaminants.

Advancing Surgical Site Infection Prevention With Dual-Ring Wound Protectors

Preventing surgical site infections (SSI) is a paramount concern in healthcare. The unique design of ViClean wound protectors has undergone rigorous analysis and monitoring, consistently proving their usability and effectiveness. Notably, studies have shown a significant reduction in SSI using dual-ring wound protectors compared to single-ring devices.² Pooled analysis of multiple trials has consistently favored the protective effect of dual-ring wound protectors, particularly in laparotomy incisions.³ By providing surgeons with a reliable tool that minimizes tissue trauma and contamination risks, ViClean contributes to improved patient outcomes and can play a vital role in perioperative strategies that reduce healthcare-associated infections.

the Potential of ViClean: OBGYN Wound Protection

The utilization of wound protectors is a critical component in modern surgical practices. As studies continue to evolve, the evidence points towards the superior benefits of dual-ring wound protectors over single-ring devices in reducing incisional surgical site infections.²’³ Moreover, collective data highlights the benefits of wound protectors overall, and ongoing research leads to a better understanding of applications. With cost and availability being the primary considerations, selectively using wound protectors for high-risk patients or in dirty surgical incisions can help optimize the balance between infection prevention and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the widespread adoption of this invaluable tool in improving patient outcomes.

ViClean dual-ring wound protectors, advance Surgical Site Infection Prevention

ACOG's Impact and the Scope of Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice

Obstetrics and gynecology are comprehensive medical disciplines dedicated to providing holistic care for women throughout their lives. ACOG, founded in 1951, is the premier professional membership organization for obstetrician-gynecologists. The College produces evidence-based practice guidelines and educational materials for patients and offers practice management and career support. Furthermore, ACOG plays a pivotal role in advocating for its members and patients with programs and initiatives to improve women's health.

At Neurovision Medical Products, we are honored to be part of the ACOG 2023 Conference and scientific meeting, where we can highlight our commitment to advancing surgical solutions and dedication to improving patient care. Through our collaboration with ACOG and the introduction of ViClean Wound Protector, we aim to empower surgeons with innovative tools that enhance patient safety and contribute to delivering high-quality care. We look forward to engaging with conference attendees and sharing the capabilities of ViClean for c-sections to minimally invasive gynecologic procedures.


Dual-ring wound protector

Dual-ring design, in both adjustable and fixed-height models, offers 360º protection and retraction—a Simple Solution to effectively reduce surgical site infection that aligns with value-based healthcare and improves surgical outcomes.

ViClean wound protectors, WPB dual-ring, drape and waste bag. Packaged

Take the Next Step in Advancing Surgical Site Infection Prevention with ViClean!

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Take the Next Step in Advancing Surgical Site Infection Prevention with ViClean!

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