April 27

AAES 2023 with Neurovision Medical Products

Annual Meeting of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons


Birmingham, Alabama


April 29th – May 1st, 2023

neurovision medical products

Booth 103

Neurovision Medical Products at AAES 2023

Supporting Innovative Endocrine Surgeons

Neurovision Medical Products is honored to attend and support the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES) for its annual conference in Birmingham, Alabama.   

AAES 2023 with Neurovision Medical Products, marks the official return of an all-in-person meeting format where attendees can experience novel research and an expanded selection of educational courses and speaker panels together for the first time since 2020. As a dedicated partner to AAES since 2004, Neurovision Medical Products is committed to supporting endocrine surgeons in research that advances healthcare and the outcomes that inspires us to create surgeon-driven technology.

At Neurovision Medical Products, we share the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons' commitment to the well-being of patients. It is a goal that motivates us to provide innovative tools that enable surgeons to perform their best work while minimizing the risks to patients.

Our long-term partnership with AAES has allowed us to witness the impressive achievements of endocrine surgeons, who have established the use of intraoperative nerve monitoring technology as the gold standard of care in the field. The endocrine surgeons of AAES were early adopters of our Dragonfly EMG electrode and the Nerveäna Nerve Monitoring System, which was instrumental in advancing the use of efficient and intuitive IONM during Thyroid surgery. With our technology, surgeons can confidently integrate nerve identification and preservation of the RLN to reduce the risk of nerve injury and improve surgical outcomes for their patients. At Neurovision, we take pride in being a supportive partner to the innovative endocrine surgeons of AAES. 


The next-generation in Nerve Monitoring

This year Neurovision Medical Products will showcase the Nerveäna Plus,
the next-generation nerve monitoring system.

Join us at AAES 2023 in unlocking the capabilities of surgeon-driven IONM technology.

AAES 2023 Neurovision Medical Product Showcasing Nerveäna Plus Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring System


Surgical Solutions For Improved Surgical Outcomes

Meet new additions and the EMG electrode that became the future of RLN monitoring.

The Cobra 3-Plate EMG Tube, evolved from our original Dragonfly design, is the most precise EMG electrode for RLN monitoring yet. Featured side-by-side with the complete line of Dragonfly, the ORIGINAL atraumatic and universal EMG Electrode, to illustrate how our technology is a comprehensive system that provides reliable and intuitive intraoperative nerve monitoring.

Lastly a preview of the Viclean Wound Protector. Neurovision Medical Products choose to add this simple yet effective device for it complimentary role to IONM and for improving patient outcomes. The fixed-height dual-ring retractor significantly reduces the risk of surgical site infections.

AAES 2023 with Neurovision Medical Products is our opportunity to showcase these innovative products to the endocrine surgeons who inspire them.

Dragonfly, Universal EMG Electrode

ViClean, Wound Protector

Cobra 3-Plate EMG Tube

AAES 2023 with Neurovision Medical Products Join us at Booth #103

Preview The Nerveäna Plus. Our new Multi-channel nerve monitoring system

Along with our innovative line of surgical Devices.

AAES has supported countless students, residents, and fellows by encouraging interest in Endocrine Surgery through the AAES Resident/Fellow Podium Competition. Presented work may be honored in either the Clinical or Basic Research categories. Below is a list of Last Year's winners.

Neurovision Medical Products looks forward to catching up with the winners a year later and to previewing the hard work and research of this year's AAES 2023 competitors.

AAES 2022 Winners

Reid McCallister, MS – University of Michigan

"Multi-genomic analysis of 243 adrenocortical cancer patient tumors identifies a novel microRNA biomarker target (miRNA 335-5p) strongly associated with poor survival"

Kristen Limbach, MD – City of Hope

"Baicalein activates AMPK, inhibits the mammalian target of rapamycin, and exhibits antiproliferative effects in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in vitro and in vivo"

Omair Shariq, MD – University of Oxford

Poster Winner-
"Epigenetic targeting of bromodomain and extra-terminal domain proteins as a novel therapy for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors"

Sara Ginzberg, MD – University of Pennsylvania

Poster Winner-
"Disparities in Appropriate Thyroid Cancer Treatment, Before and After the Release of the 2015 American Thyroid Association Guidelines"


Nerveäna+ Nerve Monitoring System

Next Generation Nerve-Monitoring

Neurovision Medical Products continues to expand our portfolio with our innovative approach to advancing IONM technology through the latest developments in surgical techniques. We are excited to introduce our new Multi-Nerve Monitoring System. The NERVEÄNA PLUS is our next-generation nerve monitoring multi-channel system designed to locate, monitor, and confirm nerve integrity during surgical procedures. This state-of-the-art device provides crucial real-time feedback to assist surgeons in a variety of procedures, helping to avoid damage to delicate structures and improve patient outcomes.

Cobra 3-Plate EMG Tube 

The Revolutionary EMG ET Tube

The newest member of the Cobra family, a truly universal EMG ET Tube, the Cobra 3-Plate, at AAES 2023. The Cobra 3-Plate follows the NMP tradition of innovative EMG Technology, creating an ET Tube that fits on both single and multi-channel systems. The robust electrodes have been designed for impedance optimization and durability, while the electrode geometry creates universal compatibility with any IONM system. 


ViClean Dual-Ring Wound Protector

Explore the sugical benefits

Surgeons use of wound protectors is growing as studies continue to prove they help reduce surgical site infections.¹
ViClean is a self-retracting and wound protector.  The unique dual-ring design provides steady atraumatic retraction to surgeons while the fixed-height channel secures a barrier to protect surrounding tissue from injury and contamination.

1: Zhang, L., Elsolh, B. & Patel, S.V. Wound protectors in reducing surgical site infections in lower gastrointestinal surgery: an updated meta-analysis. Surg Endosc, 2018; 32, 1111–1122 https://doi.org/10.1007/s00464-017-6012-0