SMBC Deliver EMG Stimulation

SMBC Endoscopic EMG Stimulation

Adapts electrosurgical devices to deliver monopolar stimulation for IONM .

Product Overview

SMBC adapts most specialized endoscope instruments to deliver EMG stimulation. An integrated endoscope allows for a seamless application of tissue mapping, nerve identification, and continuous nerve monitoring.
SMBC is a monopolar stimulation cable compatible with the Nerveäna and Nerveäna+ intraoperative neuromonitoring system.

Ordering Information

SMBC Endoscope EMG Stimulation Cable

Item Code Product Description
SMBCEMG Stimulation Cable, Monopolar, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft, Reusable
D-SMBCEMG Stimulation Cable, Monopolar, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft, Single-Use

Product Features

Adapts electrosurgical devices to deliver EMG stimulation

Endoscopic EMG Stimulation

SMBC is engineered to enable a standard handheld electrosurgical device to deliver monopolar EMG stimulation. The 15 ft (4.5 m) cable design combines the standard connectors: Banana Jack to DIN (42802) and is available in single-use and reusable.

SMBC is ideal for providing nerve monitoring in endoscopic procedures where motor nerves are at risk.

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