Scorpion surgical forceps are integrated with EMG stimulation for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Scorpion Stimulating Surgical Instruments

Scorpion forceps use the surgeon's technique to deliver EMG stimulation for optimal nerve monitoring.

Product Overview

Scorpion surgical instruments are integrated with EMG stimulation. The forceps assist the surgeon in precise dissection and nerve mapping simultaneously.

Available in a variety of hemostat forceps for a familiar surgical performance. NMP stimulating forceps use the surgeon's own technique to deliver monopolar stimulation for real-time nerve identification. 

Scorpion instruments are compatible with the Nerveäna, Nerveäna Plus, and most nerve integrity monitoring systems.

Ordering Information

Scorpion Stimulating Hemostat Forceps for Neuromonitoring

Item Code Product Description
I-SHEM-MMosquito Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 5 in, Reusable
I-ATF714BAdson Tonsil Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 7.25 in, Reusable
I-MCF512BMcCabe Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 5.5 in, Reusable
l-MF512BMixter Forceps (Right-Angle), Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Tip, 5.5 in, Reusable
l-CSICustomer Supplied Instrument Coating
l-REPAIRRework or Repair of an Instrument

Product Features

Scorpion Forceps with Stimulated EMG - Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products

Innovative Design

Scorpion hemostatic forceps are surgical-grade stainless steel integrated with EMG stimulation. The forceps  feature a robust coating that creates insulation and precise conductivity to stimulate an evoked response.

The integrated instruments easily dissect, grasp, or exert traction upon objects allowing surgeons to use their preferred surgical technique in often delicate procedures.

NMP designed Scorpion instruments to facilitate a PROACTIVE nerve monitoring surgical technique.

Turn-key Surgical Solution

Scorpion is a turn-key solution for surgeons to integrate EMG stimulation into their prefered hemostat forceps. Stimulating surgical instruments allow for more effective and efficient procedures.

Hemostats available: McCabe, Mosquito, Mixter, and Adson Tonsil forceps. Designed to fulfill a variety of surgical applications and individual preferences.

Scorpion Forceps Monopolar Stimulated EMG - Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products
Stimulated EMG for Evoked Potentials. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Products.
Intraoperative Neuromonitoring with Stimulated EMG by Neurovision Medical Products

Universal Compatibility

Scorpion instruments use the surgeon's own technique to deliver EMG stimulation for an evoked response to confirm nerve location and integrity. Once the target nerve is identified, constant stimulation is applied until surgery is complete.

The innovative design continues to monitor nerve activity within the surgical site, providing EMG signals that can influence the surgical plan and improve patient outcomes.

Scorpion monopolar forceps can be used with the Nerveäna, the Nerveäna Plus and other commercial nerve monitoring systems.

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