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Scorpion surgical forceps are integrated with EMG stimulation for Intraoperative Neuromonitoring


Stimulating Surgical Instruments

EMG forceps for precise dissection and nerve mapping.

Product Overview

Scorpion Stimulating Surgical Instruments offer a comprehensive solution for intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM).

The EMG forceps integrated design utilizes the surgical technique to generate real-time feedback on nerve activity. Neuromonitoring with electromyography(EMG) allows for immediate nerve identification and monitoring during complex surgeries. The stimulating forceps deliver evoked EMG signals to confirm nerve location and integrity, while continuous stimulation generates EMG activity until surgery is complete.

Scorpion is available in popular hemostat patterns, including Mosquito, Adson, McCabe, and Mixter, to fit the surgeon’s preference. The Neurovision Medical Products’ design is surgeon-driven to enhance surgical precision and efficiency.

Ordering Information

Scorpion Stimulating Surgical Instruments

EMG Forceps For Surgical Dissection and Intraoperative Neuromonitoring
Item Code Product Description
I-DK-WSF512-5 Monopolar Stimulation Forceps, Fine Curved Tip, Smooth Jaws, 5.5", Single-Use*
I-SHEM-M Mosquito Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 5 in, Reusable
I-ATF714B Adson Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 7.25 in, Reusable
I-MCF512B McCabe Forceps, Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Curved Tip, 5.5 in, Reusable
l-MF512B Mixter Forceps (Right-Angle), Monopolar Stimulation, Fine Tip, 5.5 in, Reusable
l-CSI Customer Supplied Instrument Coating

*Box of 5 Single-Use IONM Kits, each kit includes a STIM return needle and ground needle

Product Features

Turn-Key Surgical Solution

Scorpion Stimulating Surgical Instruments offer surgeons a turn-key solution for IONM. Available in popular hemostat patterns – Mosquito, Adson, McCabe, and Mixter – to facilitate precise dissection. Simultaneous stimulation and dissection provide real-time monitoring, enabling informed surgical decisions.

Scorpion instruments are designed to be familiar in function and feel, allowing surgeons to use hemostats during delicate and complex procedures that enhance surgical precision and improve patient outcomes.

Real-Time Nerve Identification

Scorpion stimulating surgical instruments are forceps integrated with EMG stimulation to provide immediate feedback on nerve activity, allowing for real-time nerve identification during complex surgeries. Surgeons use their dissecting techniques to evoke EMG activity, improving surgical outcomes and making delicate procedures safer and more efficient.

Scorpion forceps are proactive and add to surgical efficiency, simultaneously enabling precise dissection and nerve mapping. With the added benefit of real-time IONM, surgeons can achieve optimal results and improve patient care.

Improve Surgical Efficiency and Value-Based Healthcare

Stimulating surgical instruments streamlined the use of IONM by integrating forceps for surgical dissection with the ability to evoked EMG activity. Designed to reduce surgical steps and promotes efficiency, while continuous monopolar stimulation monitors nerve integrity.

Surgeons use Scorpion forceps to achieve optimal results while delivering high-quality care for their patients. In addition, EMG-integrated forceps eliminate the need for a stimulator probe, streamlining the process.

Scorpion is an affordable solution for enhanced surgical accuracy and efficiency, reflecting NMP’s commitment to value-based healthcare.

Universal Application and Compatibility

Scorpion Stimulating Surgical Instruments are surgeon-driven and use dissection and evoked EMG to confirm nerve location and integrity. Continuous stimulation generates EMG activity until surgery is complete, providing vital feedback to influence the surgical plan and improve patient outcomes.

Scorpion hemostats are universally compatible with the Nerveäna and Nerveäna Plus Nerve Monitoring Systems, offering a seamless and efficient surgical experience.

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