Nerve Monitoring System

Nerveäna enables surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor nerve function in real-time. Intuitive and Easy to Use.

intraoperative neuromonitoring system

Product Overview

Nerveäna provides surgeons intraoperative EMG feedback that can reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgery
- EMGview delivers real-time audio and visual feedback of evoked and passive EMG activity
- Proactive Nerve Location enhances nerve monitoring through the surgical technique
- Patented NPI- Nerve Power Index tracks EMG trends, analyzing nerve function in real-time
Nerveäna is a simple and reliable nerve monitoring system designed to enhance surgical strategy.

Ordering Information

Nerveäna® Nerve Locator and Monitor

Item Code Description
NV005.CNerveäna® Nerve Locating System with one-year warranty (includes STIM, EMG, and power cables)

Nerveäna® Warranties

Item Code Description
NRV-EXW1Nerveäna® Unit Extended One Year Warranty
NRV-EXW2Nerveäna® Unit Extended Two Year Warranty
NRV-EXW3Nerveäna® Unit Extended Three Year Warranty
NRV-EXW4Nerveäna® Unit Extended Four Year Warranty

Nerveäna® Support

Item Code Description
NV005-RNerveäna® Nerve Monitoring System Daily Rental
NV005-R30Nerveäna® Nerve Monitoring System Monthly Rental
NV005-TCHNerveäna® On-site Technical Support Fee
NRV-INSPECTIONNerveäna® Inspection/Diagnostic Testing
NRV-RU1Nerveäna® Unit Basic Service/Repair
NRV-RU2Nerveäna® Unit Basic Service/Repair Plus

Nerveäna® Accessories

Item Code Description
NRV-MUTING SENSORNerveäna® Muting Sensor with Fiber Optic Cable, 6 M
CMSFO6Fiber Optic Cable for Muting Sensor, 6 M
EMGVIEWEMGView® IOM Software for Nerveäna®
NRVPCNerveäna® PC with EMGView®
ST-TABLETNerveäna® 19" Tablet with EMGView® and Rolling Stand
SMBCReusable Nerveana Monopolar Stimulating Cable, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft
D-SMBCSingle Use Nerveana Monopolar Stimulating Cable, DIN to Female Banana Connector, 15ft

Nerveäna® Replacement Parts

Item Code Description
CEMGB-6Nerveäna® EMG Cable, 6 M
CSTIB2-6Nerveäna® STIM Cable, 6 M
PSCSNerveäna® 12 Volt DC Power Supply Adapter, 6 Ft
PSCCBNerveäna® Power Cord, Medical Grade, 6 Ft
NVRM005Nerveäna® Digital Manual

Proactive Nerve Monitoring

Nerveäna is designed for proactive tissue mapping that is capable of detecting the nerve's proximity, even before it is visible.
Nerve identification and monitoring aligns to surgical plan, helps to reduce surgical times, and improves patient outcomes.

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Nerve Monitoring System

Nerve Power Index (NPI)

NPI indicates the integrity and health of the nerve in real-time. Changes in the NPI value will alert the surgeon of potential nerve fatigue, neuropraxia, or other nerve injuries.
The integrated algorithm tracks EMG trends to expand awareness of a nerve's condition throughout the procedure. NMP developed the patented technology to provides easy-to-read values that correspond directly to nerve health.


EMGView elevates Nerveäna to an advanced nerve monitoring system. NMP developed the software to visually expand any nerve activity and alerts that can support informed surgical decisions.
The intuitive display allows for a quick visual inspection of the EMG waveform, NPI values, impedances, and threshold alarms.
EMGView is easy to use and provides information that can improve surgical efficiency and precision.

Nerveäna EMG-int-833

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