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DryTouch Suction Probe and Intraoperative Stimulation


Frazier Suction with EMG Stim

Triggered EMG and surgical suction combined for brain mapping, tumor resection and spine surgery.

Product Overview

DryTouch is an integrated surgical suction and EMG stim probe that enhances the performance of two essential surgical solutions. It utilizes the Frazier design for its delicate precision in clearing the surgical site and the inherent access of the open Lumen tip to deliver monopolar EMG stimulation. The intuitive blend of the two functions improves surgical efficiency and creates an ideal space for nerve mapping with triggered EMG.

Ordering Information


Frazier Suction Tube with EMG Stimulation, Single-Use
Item Code Product Description
PSS26DF-5 7 French, Frazier Suction Tube W/L 26 cm, Monopolar
PSS513DF-5 5 FrenchFrazier Suction Tube W/L 13 cm, Monopolar
PSS13DF-5 7 French,Frazier Suction Tube W/L 13 cm, Monopolar
PSS1013DF-5 10 French, Frazier Suction Tube W/L 13 cm, Monopolar

*each kit is single-use and includes a STIM return needle and a ground needle

Product Features

Frazier Suction With EMG Integration

DryTouch is a Frazier suction tube with a custom handle and control valve that delivers triggered EMG for IONM neuromonitoring. The unique probe enables maximum control of suction and continuous monopolar stimulation to support a maximal tumor resection¹.

Intuitive Device For Brain Mapping, Tumor Resection

The all-in-one device can improve suction control while identifying the critical areas related to the central and peripheral nervous system. DryTouch is approved to be used beneath the blood-brain barrier, providing real-time cortical and subcortical motor mapping.

Universal Interoperability

DryTouch have a pre-attached lead wire with a standard DIN connector that is compatible with Nerveäna or any nerve monitoring system.

The Frazier handpiece features a tapered connector that attaches to standard suction tubing. The unique design is interoperable and priced for value-based care.

Precise Suction and EMG Stimualtion

DryTouch Frazier Suction Tubes with EMG offer comfort and precision for surgeons. Featuring an ergonomic handle shape and 30° angel, they provide improved visibility at the surgical site. The key-hole control valve allows for precise suction manipulation.

Available in lengths of 13 cm and 26 cm, and an open lumen in 5Fr, 7Fr and 10Fr gauge. surgeons can select the ideal size for their needs.
DryTouch prioritizes flexibility, allowing surgeons to choose the best tools for their surgical plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the suction stimulator probes are fully compatible with most commercial nerve monitoring systems and deliver evoked EMG (t-EMG). The monopolar probes feature a pre-attached lead wire with a standard DIN (42802) connector for a seamless connection.

1. Bastos, Dhiego Chaves De Almeida, et al. “Challenges and Opportunities of Intraoperative 3D Ultrasound With Neuronavigation in Relation to Intraoperative MRI.” Frontiers in Oncology 11 (2021): 1463.

2. Dujovny M, Kositzke C, Sosa P, Cremaschi F (2018) Frazier Suction Cannula Fluid Control Technical Note. Neurosurg Cases Rev 1:005.

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